Representational Fantastic

“Representational Fantastic” : The Society for Art of Imagination at Kirkland Arts Center

March 16 – May 1, 2021

With artworks by : Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015), Brigid Marlin, Michael Parkes, Carrie Ann Baade, Andrew Gonzalez, Martina Hoffmann, Otto Rapp, Roku Sasaki, Heidi Taillefer, Benny H.V. Andersson, Jane Andrews, Oliver Benson, Marlene Seven Bremner, Gary Burczak, Michael Coleman, Christophe Durand, Kim Evans, William Fahey (1949-2020), Don Farrell, France Garrido, Mark Henson, Shelley Irish, Deborah Koff-Chapin, Lyne LaFontaine, KD Matheson, Gaia Orion, Jeff Ostrowski, Anna Plavinskaya, Jean Pronovost, Helle Rask Crawford, Alayne Sahar, Anthony Santella, Kathleen Scarboro, Ricky Schaede, Rick Simpson, Carol Spicuzza, Olga Spiegel, Liba WS, Sandra Stanton, Joanne St-Cyr, Fatima Taylor, Jan ten Broeke (1930-2019), Miguel Tio, Viandara, Bryan Kent Ward, and Stephanie Catherine Watson.

The Society for Art of Imagination ( was founded in 1961, with a desire to foster a resurgence of interest in imaginative art. Its members and their associates employ technical skill coupled with imagination to create fine works of art that transcend the ordinary. The Society has produced numerous exhibitions, at prestigious venues, in cities around the world, including New York, Montreal, Vienna, London and Paris. One of the original founders, Brigid Marlin, continues to lead the organization. Other especially notable members include Ernst Fuchs (1930-2015), HR Giger (1940-2014), Robert Venosa (1936-2011), Martina Hoffmann, Alex Grey, Laurie Lipton and Michael Parkes.

Kirkland Arts Center (, founded in 1962, and housed in an architectural gem which is considered an historic landmark, is a non-profit, donor-supported organization driven by the belief that art has the power to transform lives, by igniting individual growth and self-expression, building community spirit, and cultivating cultural vibrancy.