Artist of the Month

Our artist of the month for November is Oleg Korolev who is helping the Society to launch a new member exhibition in Moscow in 2017.

olegkorolevHere is some more information about Oleg.

Oleg A. Korolev was born in 1968.

In 1979 studied in the Studio of the Classical Drawing ( Vilnius, Lithuania)

In 1981 in the Art Studio and in the Art School ( Evpatoria, The Crimea )
From 1984 to 1990 studied and graduated from the Crimean Art College (Simferopol)

1992, 1993 – participated in the group art exhibitions (“The Arnhem gallery”, London, UK)
1994- exhibition of the Crimean artists ” Art-Effect” ( Simferopol)
From 1995 to 1998 – exhibitions in the gallery “KEP” and in the “Privat Bank”” ( Simferopol)
1998 – the international art festival “Russian Winter in Montreal”, Vand-ArtGallery” (Montreal, Canada)
1998 to 2001 – took part in various private art projects with Russian and German art collectors
Since 2000 – a member of the artistic society “Society for Art of Imagination” (the London, Great Britain)
2004 – participated in the art project of the Maestro Ernst Fuchs, as well as studied the painting technique
of this famed master, firsthand ( Apocalypse chapel, St.Egyd Cathedral, Klagenfurt, Austria)
2002- “All Media Invitational 2002 Period Gallery , (Omaha, USA)
2003 Ramsey Center for the Art’ (St.Paul, USA)
2006 – “Society for Art of Imagination” The H.R. Giger Museum (Gruyeres, Switzerland), Mall Gallery (London)
2008 – “Society for Art of Imagination” “Fantasmus” (Saeby, Denmark)
2009 – 7th International Visionary Art Festival “Chimeria 2009» (Sedan, France).
2010 – International Exhibition “Surrealism Now” ( Coimbra, Portugal).
2010 – International Exhibition “The Subconsciousness Geysers – 6”, Gallery A3 ( Moscow, Russia).
2012 – “EnQuête du Sacré”, Galerie d’Art Visionnaire de Paris (Paris, France)

2012 – 9-th International Visionary Art Festival “Chiméria 2012”  (Sedan, France).
2012 – Setúbal House of Culture International “Surrealism Now -2012” ( Setúbal, Portugal)
2013 – “Surrealism Now” International exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal
“International Surrealism Now” Palais de Lousa, Coimbra, Portugal
“International Surrealism Now”, Gallery Viera Porto, Porto, Portugal
“International Surrealism Now”, Medieval Castle of Paco Ega, Condeixa, Portugal
“Surrealism Now” International exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal


“Eyes of the Soul”, “Metamorphosis”, “Illuminations”, “Imaginaire I”, in magazines: “Revue 3e millenaire”, “EGOIST generation”, “Magic Mountain N XIII”, “Vestnik actualnih prognozov” Volume 3, “Empire of Spirit” NIII, «Fantasy*Art Magazine» Apr. 2009, in art encyclopedia «Lexikon der phantastischen Künstler», “Inscape” (Winter 2009. SAI Magazine), “Empire of Spirit” N5(11) Autumn 2010, Visionary Art Yearbook 2010 – 2011, “The Invisible College” 6th Edition 2011, Catalogue Van Soest Collection 2011
Art works by Oleg Korolev have been on display in  private and corporative art collections of Russia, Europe, North America and Australia.