Suan Baek

For 10 years, I have concentrated on Little Fairies experimenting with different mediums to execute my work. There is no specific reason. I just love these little things.

Most of my fairies are faintly smiling, similar to the Buddha. This smile gives a sense of peace to the viewer and it also creates a calm in me while I am drawing; in an effort to convey a feeling of happiness from the Little Fairies as well as my own inner life.

As a teenager, I studied in a private art institution where my love of the touch of pencil to paper developed. I chose colored pencil for my first color medium work of art. Utilizing colored pencils taught me how a layering technique can develop into extraordinary color. When I began using watercolor, I very much missed the attributes I had enjoyed and developed using pencil. After a lot of trial and error I finally found a way to use shading and watercolor techniques while painting on top of my drawings in a layering fashion. I am now experimenting with oil paints that include the addition of pencil work in an effective way.  My inspiration has come from studying the works of Alphonse Mucha and Claude Monet.