Rosemary Stehlik

My name is Rosemary Stehlik, Multi-Dimensional Artist of Sound, Movement and Vision. The alchemy of experience that “transmutes the base metals of the human collective unconscious into personal and trans-personal gold” informs the diverse expression of my Work. In delving deeply into a vast spectrum traversing the darkest regions of existence to touching the cosmic current of the feminine principle, I become a conduit for eternal archetypes of the soul, shadow-work, and works that traverse liminal spaces of the subconscious mind, oneiromancy and the occult. Spectres of brooding energy, witchcraft, and the transformational powers of the sublime are forces that direct my work to probe multifarious realms of the mystical and the mysterious; of magic and the enigmatic; exploring fear and power, and the soul’s journey through darker human impulses, nightmares, and the deeper regions of the self where hidden shadows yearn to shape-shift into exalted states of empowerment.