Rodica Miller

In my painting, I employ emotional skills to create unique artworks out of the deep sense of spiritual need. When I first discovered Painting in my teenage years, it was like entering into a whole new world. Suddenly disconnected from reality, I felt transported inside a mysterious zone whereas, with some colors and brushes, one can create an illusion like a magician. During the 5 years academic training in Fine Arts Painting, I became aware of my preference for whimsy and liberty over realism.


Thus, liberated from the constraints of a preliminary sketch, in the freehand manner, I start my composition with made up colors using creativity and imagination for references. The concept for my work is to depict a state of mind and make a painting that appeals to both vision and intellect. To me, the narrative comes after and is of a lesser importance than the lyrical content. The ultimate goal is to create a serene, calm atmosphere that will entice the viewer to embark on an introspective journey of their own and escape the daily turmoil.