Robert Sholties

Over 40 years, my work has evolved from elaborate black and white doodles to increasingly detailed figurative paintings. I am totally self-taught. My ideas spring from my subconscious mind during periods of contemplating randomly applied swirls of paint.

The result is my take on our human existence — our relations with each other, other living things, and our environment. I’ve had an ongoing self and formal education in the Sciences with particular interests in our alteration of the natural world. I tend to explore the hypocrisies, cruelties, and absurdities prevalent in our dealings with each other and with nature. In general, I envision a rather dark world, but still try to make room for beauty, hope, and humor. I try to establish relationships among the images within individual pieces, but as in dreams, there are usually mysteries which are open to interpretation. I have always been intrigued by the Surrealists, but do not consider myself a Surrealist.