Robert McGlotten III

Robert W. McGlotten III was born in Salisbury, Md. He studied fine art throughout the grade school days and learned Art Education and professional Fine Artistry for a short time at the University of Md. Eastern Shore. Upon entering the U.S.A.F. he embarked on a unique fine art career that has spanned at least 30 years. With works ranging from watercolor/mixed media to acrylics. These paintings are aptly described as “surreality’s”, and as “High art “, describing the diversities of humankinds and different intensities of environment that the artist intends to eventually be presented in 3-d formats and new age “Books of hours”. Although featured in the Smithsonian Institute State tour in 2003 and winning some ribbons (1st and 2nd place) in the Utah State fair, his work has remained in his private collection and is mostly unsold.  The goal is to present a large collection that displays not only talent, but, noble quality, because the designs’ continually inspire the viewer to experience new epiphanies.