Lisa Kilty

Lisa Kilty was born in Manchester, England. She lives and works amidst the misty Pennine Hills, Yorkshire, England. Lisa has always painted: she likes a painting to emerge from the canvas.  She works mainly in acrylics on canvas, for the jewel-like colour, flexibility, durability and the quick drying time between layers of paint – of which there are many. Her themes and sources of inspiration to date include: figures, faces, birds, dreams, archetypes, icons, symbols, meditation, mythology, journeys and sacred places.

Lisa’s work is infused with Celtic and Hispanic influences, as her heritage is English and Irish.  She has travelled widely in Spain, Portugal and South America, where the intense luminosity of light and colour profoundly influenced her artwork. Lisa has exhibited in Leeds, London, York, Berlin and Valencia. In 2018 she had a solo exhibition of spiritual and mystical work called ‘Affinity’ in Well’s Cathedral, Somerset, England.