L. Waring Stambollion


Liba Waring Stambollion was born to American parents but grew up in South East Asia. She moved to the USA in her teenage years.
She did a year of art and environmental studies at Simons Rock of Bard College and went on to receive a scholarship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she studied painting, wood working and bookbinding. She graduated in 1988 and stayed in Chicago exhibiting, teaching art and working for a cabinet maker until she was swept off her feet by a handsome and charming Frenchman. Today they have two sons and a furniture company – Matahati which employs a network of artisans to hand make their furniture designs in recycled and renewable materials.

She has been living in Paris since 1993 where she paints, writes, makes books and designs furniture. Ecology, erotica and the sacred are the recurrent themes in her work.

“My sacred art is sourced through my dreams, meditations, vision quests and my relationship with nature. I am inspired and resonate with the message of Love from people of all cultures and from all ages.”

Liba exhibits her paintings with surrealists, fantastic artists and visionaries in the USA, throughout Europe and virtually in the Australian visionary arts project: The Sensorium.

Liba has been making handmade books and small collaborative artist editions for over twenty years. She recently launched a project called Dreams and Divinities which unites visionary artists from around the world and showcases an eclectic mix of creativity through a series of books and exhibitions in Europe.

Her designs, poems, paintings and interviews have been featured on television, in several books & numerous articles online and in print.