Krisztina Lazar


Art has the ability to change, to open and to illuminate. My multidisciplinary practice seeks to touch on all of those, whether through painting, installation, performance, video and wearable  object.    My art is the expression of the internal through external spectacle, rituals, created or performed, that seek to highlight meaning in the mundane. My images come from memory, childhood, and projections of fantasy that are mediated by history, science fictionand the now. It is a dialogue between the ritual of imagery, the process of form and texture, and the performance of creation.


Ancient ideas are transmuted today and masquerade in pop culture.    The tapestry of history is an organism onto itself, breathing, changing an  growing. We see it in its nowness, it’s current incarnation, as it lives and thrives around us and in our collective unconscious. What are our symbols? What are the beings that live in our collective  imagination? These are the questions I attempt to harness with my imagery. Each piece, whether painting, video, performance of wearable object is a cell in a larger system, a single thought in a whole idea.