Jan ten Broeke

“Spoken language is insufficient to negotiate existence and its meaning, therefore, other forms of expression are

needed. In my artwork, I aim to be thought provoking, to arouse inner awareness.


I have always been interested in exploring the scientific miracles of the natural universe, especially within the

fragile biosphere that envelops Earth. The paintings of the last decade draw inspiration from nature—including

biological, geological, and astronomical phenomena—and anthropological and prehistoric artifacts. My work

does not represent any reality as we see it, but attempts to demonstrate the experience of the forces essential to

the continuity of life on Earth.


Ultimately, my mind, my eyes, and my hands are merely instruments in producing this work. Despite knowing

better, I do frequently experience the sensation that the work is not created by me, but through me. My art has a

chance for limited survival, but I know my body does not.”