Irene Vincent

For over forty years, Irene Vincent has been an artist, teacher, and traveler to sacred sites around the world. Dreams, visions and sacred contemplations have been an integral part of her art and life. She paints and teaches techniques using acrylics, oils, and various methods of egg tempera and oil.

In 2012, Irene Vincent published REVEALING-THE EVOLUTION OF AN ARTIST’S SOUL. It’s a spiritual-transformation artist’s memoir with 73 images, reading as a fast-paced adventure story. Covering a 32 year time frame about her first loves, her challenge to pursue art, travels, and her transformation through the power of painting. Two near-death experiences helped guide her. And how she struggled out of poverty to being financially independent.  

In 2018, Irene published AWAKENING LOVE’S VIBRATIONS covering the next 7-year adventure period of her memoir. Seeking to know and feel love, Irene takes you on her spiritual quest for wisdom through art, dreams, yogis, shamans, and ancient sites. It has 93 images.

Over the years, Irene’s art has won many awards and has been in many publications. As an international artist, she has exhibited her paintings in the United States, Austria, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Indonesia.