Fatima Taylor

Born in Uzbekistan, Columbus artist Fatima Taylor (Azimova) grew up in a family of Uzbek, Armenian and Russian origins. This diversity plays a significant role in her artistic growth. Fatima received her MFA from Benkov Republican College of Arts, Tashkent.

Fatima is best known for her exceptional details in portraits. Her artistic influence stems from her ongoing study of 15th century religious paintings by Flemish and Italian Renaissance artists. Her extensive gallery exposure includes France, Moscow, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York.

I was born in in Uzbekistan, a former USSR country, in Tashkent City. My childhood was during the Soviet Union era. I grew up in a middle class family with multicultural parents of Uzbek and Armenian origins. From my early childhood I was exposed to an extreme diversity in cultures which played an important role in the feature development of my artistic vision. Since I can remember, I drew on every surface I could get my hands on. My Mother used to say how the walls in our house were covered with my drawings up to my height so anyone could see how tall I was. There was never a question of who I wanted to be when I grew up, art is not what I do but who I am.
My paintings informed by a combination of personal history, fantasy and mystery. Most recent work focuses on documentary portraiture where I explore cultural identity and each character.
I’ve always been attracted to religious paintings of the 15th century Flemish and Italian Renaissance artists. Their iconic, intimate compositions, the stoic expressions and understated gestures, the gracefulness of the forms, all rendered with a perfect balance and exquisite technical execution all speak to me of the enduring power of beauty to transcend context.
My multicultural background has given me insight into understanding our world. As a teacher I seek to inspire my students to accept other cultures, and to explore ways to incorporate visual art, history, and current events into our life. I belief that differences are to be welcomed not rejected.