Chandrika Steinhardt

Artist Statement:Carol Lea ‘Chandrika’ Steinhardt paints ‘otherworldly’ visions.

The artist says: 

Chandrika paints ‘otherworldly’ visions. Her work is a creative response to life, and her deep ecological experience living in the wild and lush environments of Australia. This has incited a passion for protecting that which is vulnerable and sacred.

In current works, she has allowed unusual time and space to expand her hybridised form of arts practice, to ‘go beyond’ in her personal striving to find ‘the more’. It is this embodied sense that has always preceded the next phase of growth.

The artist says:

“When I was asked once what visionary meant to me, I found myself attempting to describe a universe in just one sentence. However upon looking deeper I found that it is only in retrospect that I have been able to see in the art I have produced, that some recurring themes were trying to have a voice since my teenage years. They would appear again in a deeper rendition, as the skills developed, e.g. the paintings ‘Creation One and Two’. The Soul was trying to speak.

“Eight seven-year-cycles of life experience have informed the artwork, laying a kind of ‘by visions-only pathway’. Not by thinking, but by ‘I feel therefore I am’. At this stage of life it seems important to give some courage to a quiet voice that has a message to deliver. So that this life may serve its purpose leaving something of worth behind for my children, and their children. This is all I am given to know at this moment, now.

“Only for lack of conscious evolution in a modern world, the message of my art has not yet been correctly perceived. ‘Tis only for a few, a pathway has been laid, ‘giving permission’ for future generations to come. I offer gratitude to the loving elder pioneers who have done this for me. I thank them for creating a platform for myself and others to have an opportunity to share our conscious evolution experiences and creative works.”

Through practising modern and traditional meditation, Chandrika acknowledges the importance of finding that which we seek within us. Like a scientific pioneer on a mission she loves to communicate these findings to her audience through the mediums of painting and non-lexical voice expression.

Her work nurtures the significant value of freedom of expression, and the true treasure that is… the imagination.

She A Flower Being
The Solitary Tree
Chandrika Steinhardt