Carol Spicuzza

My paintings search for a place of union between inner experience and outer reality, a space where reality and the symbolic coexist, creating a simultaneity of the inner and outer worlds. The works explore the ability of the everyday object to captivate us and to convey a meaning beyond its apparent worldly one, providing the viewer an opportunity to relate to the irrational in human nature. They give voice to things the rational mind would like to exclude – the intense emotions, peculiar thoughts, sudden intuitions and overwhelming sensations that come upon us in the wee hours, seeking our acknowledgement. At these times, something is communicated that is beyond our immediate understanding. The paintings are an attempt to distill and convey those impressions. They are a reaction to an intense moment of perception where reality broadens out and images appear that connect the seen and the unseen in new ways. Relationships and dynamisms are revealed that would otherwise remain hidden; alternate perspectives and new paths become possible. And since the images deal with essential aspects of our humanity, ultimately, they can become a point of departure and recognition for those contemplating their own unknown territory.