Brigitte Schobert

I became a visual artist rather late in life. After a professional career in science I started

out to explore different techniques of printmaking (relief and intaglio). This period was

followed by a more colorful one, where I created abstract images with a special

printmaking method or acrylic paints. However, the ultimate goal was to paint in oils and

I taught myself from books, the internet and exhibits, because I could not find a course

that instructs what I want to do. I am still on a learning curve.

As I have always admired the fine painting style and the ideas of artists working in the

genre of fantastic realism and surrealism, I embarked on this direction with my recent

work. Many of the great images of Hieronymus Bosch and Peter Bruegel the Elder

mirror daily scenes and human shortfalls of their contemporaries, yet with a very subtle

irony. These examples are in the back of my mind when I am trying to see the humor in

the seriousness and the real in the unreal.