Alice Klarke Heinecke

My paintings and digital artworks are Magic Realist narrative, dense with metaphor and allusion. This moody weaving of meaning within complex environments is how I see the world. 

My art is described as imaginative. It would be difficult for me to eliminate imagination in my work, because it represents not only what I literally see but how I feel and what I think as I see it.

Formal concerns pervade my art, primarily explorations into depiction of space. When I first painted landscapes for my figurative dramas, I noticed that other artists used linear perspective. This was not how urban landscapes looked to me.

At first I approached the issue intuitively, creating curved spaces to represent how things seemed. Recently I began performing visual experiments to really understand what I was seeing. 

It turns out that linear perspective is not just what is taught in art school. It arises from relying on a camera to produce art. Art painted from life naturally produces curvilinear perspective. This is due to multiple vanishing points as one looks around a scene. 

The curved checkerboard theme is meant to visually clarify this increasing understanding.

I work from life, from photographs taken from multiple points of view and by using digital 2D and 3D to create models. My media are both oil and acrylic paint, and purely digital art printed in limited editions.

Digital print