Libellule movement gains momentum


2015 was an important year as we celebrated the 10th anniversary of “Libellule, Contemporary Renaissance” movement.
10 years, 10 collections, 42 shows across Europe and beyond (as we were invited to Casablanca in 2014).
The Libellule movement is doing well. It brings together about thirty artists from over 20 countries. The exhibition spaces that invite us are increasingly prestigious.

This year we exhibited our collection ” Exclamations! ” in Toledo and we are currently (until February 2016) in Austria. It is a fabulous exhibition with 170 works, bringing together the following collections: ” Exquisite Angel”, “Exclamations”, “Black and White” and “Phoenix and Dragons”. To this date, this is the largest exhibition of Libellulle and it concludes our 10th year!
Also our new 10th collection “Self-portraits” was a huge success despite the difficult conditions in Paris late November. We felt we had to make this event really special and the audience enjoyed it! Pictures of the exhibitions are all over internet networks worldwide.

Our artists have also worked on our 8th collection “Tribute to Old Masters”, it will start travelling next year. This collection is truly stunning and will certainly be in high demand. We will open with an show in Prague, in the cloister of Strahov Monastery, next to the castle. We are sponsored by the Minister of Finance of the Czech Republic for this event. Afterward the exhibition will travel to France and to Germany until the end of January 2017. We are working on a catalogue for this travelling show.

We are also working on the “Mexican lottery” project in partnership with Mexico. The first exhibition will be in Guadalajara in January 2016, then in Queretaro, followed by 3 or 4 more shows throughout Mexico. After this, the collection is already programmed to go to Europe in two different countries in 2017.

We are not leaving behind our previous collections: we will present ” Zodiac” and “One Million dollars banknotes”, which includes 100 artworks, in a beautiful museum in Germany.

2017 will be a very busy year, especially as other proposals are presenting themselves. We will conclude it with the launch of the 11th collection which our artists are already working on.