Since the summer, Dreams & Divinties has been collaborating with the Naia Museum around the Fernal theme.  In July French Artists from the Encyclopedia of Fernal Affairs came out for a booksigning and there was a day of live painting, concerts and dance.
For more pictures of the events.–divinities-blog/fernal-book-signing-and-events-at-the-naia-museum

In the autumn, through the Naia Museum, Liba WS was invited to the Broceliande Fantastic Book Fair in Brittany, to dedicate  books  (Gaia – I a not sure how to say that! Dedicace, book signing… Been in France too long. Lol) It was a day of networking and festivity.

And on the same day that Matahati launched the Fernal Solstice,  Martina Hoffmann and Pascal Ferry presented two new paintings for the permanent NAIA Museum collection as well as a book signing for ‘The Encyclopedia Of Fernal Affairs’.

Liba WS did a book signing at their stand this autumn at The Broceliande Fantastic Art Fair.

Naia Museum
Parc du Chateau,
56220 Rochefort-en-Terre